Saturday, 25 October 2014

Money Problems and Planning A Shopping List

Today has not been the best day.
Getting news that you won't get help paying for rent and then they double your rent arrears, because they stop paying 2 month ago with out telling you!

Now I really have to get my bum into gear and organise money.

So today I spent my day watching videos on how to plan Your meals.
Obviously I can't stick to them religiously as sometimes my fiance doesn't get home till hlf ten which is a bit late to eat.
I sat and looked through all my cook books and put sticky post it page markers at every recipe I fancied.

I gave a colour to each meal.
Orange = breakfast
Green = lunch
Yellow = tea
Pink =sweet snacks\desserts

So after all that i got another piece of paper and put it into sections. Meat, Veg, Tins and Other.

So flicking through the recipes I was writing down all the ingredients I needed and how much I needed, and that was my shopping list.

Not shopping till Wednesday so fingers crossed I can keep to my shopping list.

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