Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Etsy Shop Now Open!

For all those that read my last blog you will remember I mentioned a etsy shop. Well the good news is it is now up and running so for all you filofax lovers get yourself over there and checkout my dashboards and spend some pennies.
There will be plenty more designs  arriving soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Type into the Etsy search bar ItsAMumsThing to find me.
Cheers guys xx

Monday, 10 November 2014

My friend gets a dog!

So for the past few weeks my friend has gone on about getting a dog and today was finally the day her parents agreed and she got a dog.
She rehomed/rescued a dog called Nap a 11 Month old border collie a lovely little guy (only fault is he urinated up my hall wall the first 5 minutes he came in my house) but still a timid, friendly dog.
When I say she kind of rescued the dog we believe it was a puppy farm.
The lady had 8 collies all in big kennels out side what looked like 2 litters of puppies and then we saw on Facebook she was enquiring about buying more collie pups.
She also had a collie on heat roaming about the yard and a male dog on a long chain that could easily get to the female dog.
The reason she was rehoming Nap was he was to friendly to the sheep but she also mentioned he was not a horny dog he was around the dog in heat and did not care at all.
So adding things up it looked rather suspicious but anyway we saved Nap and is now at a loving home and is not stuck outside in a kennel in this freezing weather, which moves me onto my next thing.
We have had real thick fog for 2 days straight here in Scotland. What is going on with this weather! I couldn't see the the houses opposite me very clearly and that's not even that far away.

So this is what it looked like in the woods while I walked my dog obviously the camera did not pick it up as well but it was rather spooky.

Anyway that's everything for today, but if you guys suspect a puppy farm please report it and also if you get a dog please remember its not for Christmas its for life, do not take it on if you can't manage it and do not get them for constant breeding, its not fair on the dogs!

My dog Bailey x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Exciting News! Keep your eyes peeled!

As a organiser/filofax lover i have been customising it with various pieces of my artwork and accessories and have decided i am going to share them with you guys
So over the next week or two I will be starting selling my own filofax dashboards and dividers all handmade and my own artwork.
There will also be some giveaways jammed packed with stationary and other goodies.Dashboards and dividers can either be customised or just a set design.
I am so excited!
All information will be revealed when it is all set up!

Keep your eyes peeled hunnys!

Remember if you haven't already please vote for my son Leland and vote everyday so he can get into the top 50 babys.

Thanks guys

Monday, 3 November 2014

Vote for Leland!

So I entered my baby boy into a competition.
Yes he is screaming in the photo but everybody enters pictures of there baby smiling which is all a bit samey. So I decided to go against the grain.

So if you could all go vote for my baby I would appreciate it so much.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review: Breville Blend Active

Before we go any further I want to make it clear this is not a sponsored review I bought this product with my own money to review for you guys.
Recently I have been seeing this blender on various YouTube videos and was curious to see if it was any good.
I have tried various blenders for example the Kenwood smoothie to go, Blentec, Russle Hobbs Blender and a Lakeland Blender.
All good for different thing but this time I was looking for a easy clean, quic and simple blender. I also wanted it strong enough to blend ice.

So I paid £20 for this blender as it was in the Argos sale, however I only got 1 cup with it there are various pack with 2 or even 4 cups for a higher price.

So to test it out I made myself a green smoothie.
What i put in it:-
5 large pieces of ice
1 1/2 handfuls of frozen berries
1 banana
1 handful of British green leaves
1 tbsp peanut butter

The blend active had no problem blending it into a nice smooth consistency. The only thing I was left with was the seeds from the berries which I expected as its difficult to find a blender that will totally blitz the seeds.
Only having 4 pieces, the motor, the blade, the cup and the cup lid it is easy to store nd very easy to clean.

Overall I am very pleased with this blender it is up there with the £300 blentec. Definitely worth buying.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Weight Gain/Body Changes......

So after you have a baby loosing weight is really difficult. My son is now 2 months and 3 weeks old but I am still gaining so much weight. I thought it would be easy to loose all the weight I gained during pregnancy. When you are going through pregnancy your body is out through so much and takes ages to repair itself.
I walk my dog twice a day I am up and down like a yoyo dealing with Leland and doing housework so I can't understand where I am going wrong.
So today I decided it was time to make more of an effort to try loose weight because it is affecting me in more ways than my clothes being tight, I have very little confidence to go places on my own and I feel like everyone will look at me and think I'm fat.
Today was the start of healthy eating we had hot chorizo salad. A combination of grapes mushrooms, chorizo, caramelised onion chutney, balsamic glaze and salad leads.

Its a pretty simple and quick recipe.

Final outcome!

Fingers crossed I can shift this weight so I can marry Joe next year when I get my confidence back.

Tomorrows a new day and a new start for exercise and healthy eating.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Money Problems and Planning A Shopping List

Today has not been the best day.
Getting news that you won't get help paying for rent and then they double your rent arrears, because they stop paying 2 month ago with out telling you!

Now I really have to get my bum into gear and organise money.

So today I spent my day watching videos on how to plan Your meals.
Obviously I can't stick to them religiously as sometimes my fiance doesn't get home till hlf ten which is a bit late to eat.
I sat and looked through all my cook books and put sticky post it page markers at every recipe I fancied.

I gave a colour to each meal.
Orange = breakfast
Green = lunch
Yellow = tea
Pink =sweet snacks\desserts

So after all that i got another piece of paper and put it into sections. Meat, Veg, Tins and Other.

So flicking through the recipes I was writing down all the ingredients I needed and how much I needed, and that was my shopping list.

Not shopping till Wednesday so fingers crossed I can keep to my shopping list.