Monday, 10 November 2014

My friend gets a dog!

So for the past few weeks my friend has gone on about getting a dog and today was finally the day her parents agreed and she got a dog.
She rehomed/rescued a dog called Nap a 11 Month old border collie a lovely little guy (only fault is he urinated up my hall wall the first 5 minutes he came in my house) but still a timid, friendly dog.
When I say she kind of rescued the dog we believe it was a puppy farm.
The lady had 8 collies all in big kennels out side what looked like 2 litters of puppies and then we saw on Facebook she was enquiring about buying more collie pups.
She also had a collie on heat roaming about the yard and a male dog on a long chain that could easily get to the female dog.
The reason she was rehoming Nap was he was to friendly to the sheep but she also mentioned he was not a horny dog he was around the dog in heat and did not care at all.
So adding things up it looked rather suspicious but anyway we saved Nap and is now at a loving home and is not stuck outside in a kennel in this freezing weather, which moves me onto my next thing.
We have had real thick fog for 2 days straight here in Scotland. What is going on with this weather! I couldn't see the the houses opposite me very clearly and that's not even that far away.

So this is what it looked like in the woods while I walked my dog obviously the camera did not pick it up as well but it was rather spooky.

Anyway that's everything for today, but if you guys suspect a puppy farm please report it and also if you get a dog please remember its not for Christmas its for life, do not take it on if you can't manage it and do not get them for constant breeding, its not fair on the dogs!

My dog Bailey x

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