Friday, 24 October 2014

Let's Bake...... Pretzels!!!

So you know when you have those days when all you want is something sweet but a bit savoury at the same time.
Well today was that kind of day for me.
So I made pretzels!

So I cheated and used the bread maker but it will just end the same way and it would if I made it by hand it!

Raw pretzels! Mmmm... Tasty

So after 8-10 minutes I have lovely golden brown Pretzels. Not all the perfect size or shape but as a first attempt they are not too bad.
Now for the exciting bit...

Obviously you can add any topping like chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, melted nutella the list is endless.

End result!
Cinnamon Sugared Pretzels.

If you want the recipe leave me a comment!

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